Guidelines For Buying a Puppy

The Rottweiler is a robust, powerful and extremely loyal dog, with strong protective instincts. Your first consideration when buying a Rottweiler should be the knowledge that for the next ten or more years the dog will be a part of your family. As a member of your family your Rottwelier will reflect the love and affection you show him, therefore choose him carefully, know as much as possible about the breed and his breeder before you buy. Everybody wants a healthy, happy dog, so it is important to know what to ask and look for when purchasing a puppy. No breed is without its health problems, however reputable breeders will carry out all relevant health checks on their dogs before they are included in any breeding programme. Reputable breeders study genetics, nutrition, temperament and movement because their primary concern is producing dogs that measure up against the Breed Standard. They give individual attention to raising and socialising each puppy in clean and healthy surroundings where it can live happily with people and other dogs. Once you have decided that a Rottweiler is the breed for you, it is a good idea to visit a few dog shows and talk to breeders with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. If you are a first time buyer of the breed, this will also enable you to access the breeds personality and character at first hand.    


1.   Why did you breed this litter?

2.   How old is the bitch?

Although the Kennel Club states must be over months, most reputable breeders will not breed under 24 months or over 8 years of age.

3.   How many litters has the bitch had?

It is recommended that a bitch not have more than 1 litter in 12 months. Reputable breeders will give the bitch at least one season between litters.

4.   What health checks have been carried out on both the dam and sire of the litter?

Reputable breeders will always health screen their dogs to eradicate hereditary problems such as Hip ​Dyslasia (HD) Always ask to see copies of the parents Hip scores. The highest Hip score which should be bred from is 20, with no more than 10 on either side ie 10/10.

5.   What documents do i recieve with the puppy?

Ensure all the relevant paperwork is available for inspection when you visit to view the puppies. This should include Registration Papers (IKC or KC) 3 or 5 generation pedigree, Hip Dyslasia Certificate for both sire and dam. Also ask about how often and with which product the puppies have been wormed. Reputable breeders will provide in depth information on Diet, Worming and Socialisation/Exercise in their Puppy Packs. Many will sell their puppies with a Contract of Sale and place Endorsement on the pedigree to protect the breed. These may be lifted by the breeder once health tests have been carried out and the dog is of suitable age. The majority will also provide insurance cover against illness during the first 4/6 weeks after the puppy leaves them.

6.   What happens if a hereditary problem is found by the vet?

Most reputable breeders will provide a written agreement that purchase is subject to a satisfactory examination by your vet within 48 hours of purchase, this is generally written into the Contract of Sale.

7.   Do you show your own puppies and dogs and if so with what success?

8.   Do you belong to a local or national breed club? 

9.   When viewing puppies make sure you see them interact with the dam and if possible visit the sire. Check the facilities are clean and that the puppies are alert and appear healthy. Make sure you have access to all the puppies from the litter, be wary of a breeder that shows you just the one puppy. Most reputable breeders will take advantage of your presence to socialise the whole litter. Puppies should be outgoing, adventurous and used to being picked up and handled.

10.   Be prepared for the breeder to ask you lots of questions, they do this because they want the best possible homes for their puppies. They will not be offended by an questions you have and will welcome your desire to purchase from quality, health tested stock. They will ask you questions about your lifestyle, work commitments, if you have children/elderly people in your home and where you live. This way they can access which puppies temperament will best suit your lifestyle and home enviroment.

11.   Reputable breeders will NOT deliver puppies to you, be wary of those who advertise they will be in certain areas of the country on specific dates with puppies available for sale.

12.   Reputable breeders will NOT allow puppies to leave for their new homes until at least 7 weeks of age and most will keep them until 8 weeks old.


If the breeder stumbles over your questions, can not produce original documents or appears uncomfortable with any of your enquiries we advise you steer well clear. 

Below is a list of questions you should ask and things to look for when purchasing a puppy.​





We have included a page with some helpful pointers on purchasing a puppy from reputable breeders, with questions we recommend you ask and things to look out for.


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